Thursday, March 15, 2012

an interesting hunk of lava

Any idea what this is?

It's not a tea pot, because it doesn't have a spout. The inside is too tiny to hold anything. About all that we do know is that it's made of lava. We found it at a thrift shop, and we're guessing it's not new.

I've Googled, but all I find are lava lamps and lava cakes and lava for landscaping... no little things that look sort of like tea pots but aren't. So what it is, as far as we're concerned, is an neat hunk of lava to go on the fireplace mantel.

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Denise :) said...

How cool is that? Maybe it's a lidded mug? LOL! Whatever it is, it will make a GREAT conversation piece! :)

Missy Shay said...

Maybe an anchor? very interesting, when you find out be sure to let us know! LOL

LV said...

I have no idea. Your thoughts sound fine to me. Did the shop owner not know what they were selling?

Sally Annie Magundy said...

That's a stumper! Does it look handcrafted? Perhaps it's just something someone carved out of lava stone and doesn't have a real use??? Because I'm stumped and flummoxed hahahha!

Happy VTT!

Saturday Sadie said...

Gee, I have no idea what that is, either. It sure is neat, though!

Teresa said...

Could it be an oil lamp? If there is a reservoir for oil, and a hole that the wick can go through, that's all you need to make an oil lamp. Just my guess.

debra valiante said...

peace pipe? I'm your newest fan from brambleberrys blog hop

Keetha Broyles said...

That type of lava rock probably floats, so I don't think it's the anchor someone suggested.

Wonder if it is some type of float - - - -

I don't really have any idea.

Cathy R said...

You might try looking under pumice stone rather than lava stone. Same thing, different name.


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