Friday, March 23, 2012

finish it up Friday -- I'm late!

Purple Sue was actually finished up on Tuesday, but things happened. I'll explain in tomorrow's post -- today I want to gush about little Purple Sue.

Isn't she cute?

This was my first experiment with the AccuQuilt Sunbonnet Sue die that I bought from Jo. I'd never made a Sunbonnet Sue block before, or really planned to, but I thought she'd be cute for the baby quilts.

Honestly, I've got mixed feelings about some of the applique dies. How many times do I have to cut the same shape to justify the purchase? I expect Sue and the birds and flowers and stars to earn their keep, but I'm trying to limit my applique dies to shapes that I know I'll use over and over again. (Which doesn't stop me from drooling over their new airplanes and trains and circus animals...I could put those on baby quilts, right?)

Sue was a good way to use up the 3" squares I had left over from the pastel heart quilt I did back in January. I used almost the last of the squares for a pieced back. The few that were left after that are probably going to wind up trimmed down into 2 1/2" squares.

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Terry@ a quilting blog said...

This is so the colors!TFS

Richard Healey said...

Love the little girl in the quilt. Reminds me of my sisters room when she was a kid.

barbara woods said...

i love sunbonnet sue

Teresa said...

May I give a suggestion? Don't limit yourself to using a die just for it's intended purpose. Take a circle for instance - if you cut it in half you have flower petals, or clamshells, or a hat, etc.
Scrapbooking magazines ( or a stamp person) can help with ideas on how to use cutouts for other purposes. In scrapbooking, we often have a punch with one pattern on it - but the uses are endless.
FYI, Sue's bonnet can be used for flower petals if you put the round end in the center and overlap the outer edges.

elizabeth said...

What a darling little quilt : )

Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

Sue is adorable! Thanks so much for linking up at the Spring Fling linky party! <3


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