Saturday, April 01, 2017

Have I Knit this Pair Already?

I've always been intimidated by those knitters who can tell you exactly what yarn they used for which project, especially when it's a solid color. My memory isn't that good, not unless I'm emotionally attached to the yarn for some reason...and I'm attached to a lot of my yarn stash.

So when I found the finished sock on the right in my sewing corner, I was confused. I knew I'd never used Drops Fabel before last year. And I hadn't knit the Guacamole yet, because I'm only halfway through the first sock.

So what was I holding in my hand? It sure looks like the pair that I'm working on right now. 

I did some searching on my own blog and figured out that it's one of the Green Envy pair I knit in Spring of 2014. There are differences between the two colorways if you look closely enough, but it took holding the socks side by side for me to find them.

You'd think I would've remembered knitting with a yarn this similar before, but nope. I didn't have a clue until I picked up the mystery sock.

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