Tuesday, April 04, 2017

{Antique Store Temptations} Is This What I'm Looking For?

See the food chopper in the back, behind the the with all of the wonderful gears? It says "100 Universal." Is that the same  thing as the Universal No. 1 Chopper my husband is looking for? If it is, does he want one that sits on the counter instead of clamping to it? (I'm thinking the answer is no, not if he plans on using it.)

Its tag says that the wonderful rusty thing with all of the gears (and doesn't that look like a wind up key sticking out of the top?) is an apple peeler. It sure doesn't look like the ones I own!

From a distance, I thought the chair was kind of cute. Then I read the words on the seat. I want a chair that blesses my house from things that go bump in the night!  If I could figure out where to put it, I'd have checked the price tag.

Lots and lots more food choppers, and not a No. 1 in the batch. I love how they're displayed.

Antique Food Choppers on Old Ladder

And a pretty dollhouse, way above my head so I couldn't see the graphics inside.

I thought these card table playhouses were a newer invention, but this one dates from 1951. According to an article in Popular Science, it's an oversized paper bag made by the Kennedy Car Liner and Bag Company and can be refolded for re-use "unless play gets too rough." It's also flameproof.

That adorable baby picture I fell in love with a few years ago is still hanging over a doorway in this shop. And I'm still too short to make out the price tag...


Libby in TN said...

It's the Moullix food mill in the first photo I'm interested in, just because The Mama had one.

Laura said...

My boys had that Fisher Price tippy ball. I had to get rid of it after they started playing catch with it! It was weighted and could have done some damage.

That doll house looks like one I used to have. My four sisters and I wore the thing out. Don't you love seeing things you used to use in Antique stores? Makes me feel OLD!

mpv61 said...

You should ask about the price of the baby picture! Have an amount in mind that you'd be willing to pay and who knows? The price might be right. If not, you can say, "Oh, that's more than I can spend. I was hoping for..." and maybe, if it's been up there forever, they might be willing to let it go for less. It is very sweet!

Ruth said...

I tried to look at the books on the shelves but that painted chair was in the way...looked like a set of Scribner's Music Library (red books) behind the chair on the right hand side...When I see old books decorating rooms in magazines I always look closely and try to see if I recognize any of them.


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