Tuesday, January 31, 2017

{Thrift Shop Temptations} I Went Back

All week, I kept thinking about those stitchery kits. They were gone when I stopped by again on the way to coding camp, but I did find these two. The one with the barn was pretty -- and came with an extra tacky frame -- but it wasn't priced. I wound up buying the sunset because, of all the stitchery kits I've seen over the past two weeks, this one has colors most likely to be found in nature. And the needle wasn't rusted to the fabric. 

The stitchery kits were gone, but the crepe maker was still there and it had been marked down to half price. That outlet for testing small appliances, the one I've  used in the past for sewing machines...it's okay to plug in the crepe maker and see if it gets hot, right? There aren't any directions, but between the recipe on the dipping pan and some pictures on the box, I'm hoping I can figure it out. 

Just look at the sewing chair I found, complete with storage under the seat. 

With that Bicentennial print, it would go with the lamp we found a few months back. Just not at my house.  I hope the right buyer finds it.

The nifty chair was sitting next to this sewing stool. I was almost tempted, but I have no idea where I'd put it. I will not go back for it next week. The price was right and I'm sure it's already found a good home.

Besides, I spent my thrifting budget for the week on a crepe maker!


mckie2 said...

I'm sure you could Google how to make crepes and find instructions all over the internet. I've never even eaten crepes, but I like pancakes. That's the same, right? :) Have fun --- Susan

Little Quiltsong said...

Love your stitchery's. We enjoy crepes with cottage cheese or fruit and topped with whipping cream. They are much, much thinner than pancakes and delicious.


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