Saturday, June 11, 2016

Quiltmaker's 1,000 Blocks

I've been wanting a copy of Quiltmaker's 1,000 Blocks ever since I saw the book mentioned on Bonnie Hunter's blog. I bought most of the magazines as they came out, but I'm not the most organized person and I love the idea of having all of the blocks in one permanent binding.

Which brings me to my biggest complaint about the book now that I have it in my hands. I didn't realize when I ordered it that the book comes with a CD. I want to be able to pull out a book from my collection and make a quilt without messing with the computer. (Having to enlarge patterns from a book also makes me cranky.) I love online patterns and downloadable PDFs, but I want my book to be usable as a book.

I did put the CD into my laptop to see how it would actually work (unlike another book with an unexpected CD, which is still sitting on the shelf because I refused to deal with it) and the PDF file are easy to load and use. But with CD drives becoming a thing of the past, I'm thinking of printing out all four hundred pages and getting them spiral bound at the local print shop.

The book is huge and weighs and absolute ton, so I realize that they couldn't have included the templates in the book itself without reducing the number of blocks.

There's a lot to love about this book, in addition to the huge variety of blocks. There's an index by designer, so I  can find my favorite quilters easily. Some of the quilt blocks have layout suggestions.

I'm excited to see how many of these blocks I can use as inspiration for baby quilts. That's always been my plan for the magazines, but I think I've only managed to make one of them, Jonah.


Anonymous said...

But that one is so cute! I like CD drives because I can listen to my music while doing something else, or watch a movie, or look at old photos. I guess I'll have to make sure I always keep a laptop around that has the drive, no matter what they do to computers. They're always doing something some 12-year old thinks is a good idea and I don't. LOL

Nancy said...

I also ordered the book. My disappointment was that the page numbers in the index did not match the actual page number of the block. Once I figured out it was a couple numbers off, I was better. I was trying to go from 10 magazines to one book. Now I see it as a digital issue and wonder if I should have done that instead. But I do love holding a book.


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