Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tracking My Projects

I'm trying something new this month, a tracker for my projects and which day I work on what. 

In case it's not clear from the photo, the days of  the month run down the page and then across the top is the name of each project. I add the names as I start working on something new or pick up a UFO. Stars show either when I began a new project or finished an existing one, so the last day of the blue basketweave shawl is marked and so is the first day of the striped socks. (I'm awful at remembering when I started or finished things.) 

The goal isn't to work on every project every day, it's just to keep track of what I did when and make sure that things don't get completely abandoned...unless I'm abandoning them on purpose.

1 comment:

Dar said...

Let me know if this works for you to keep things organized. Did you make up this tracker design yourself?


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