Thursday, February 08, 2018

{Museum a Month} This Should Not be Hard!

Yesterday, I loaded up the kids and we drove to a museum.

Well...we drove to a building with "museum" in its name. They were open, but were in the process of changing exhibits and there was literally nothing to see except for a temporary art exhibit on the upper floors. Oh and there was a gift shop, but in the volunteer's words it was "just books about local history."

On the bright side, we saw a flyer for the 2018 Fort Umpqua Muzzleloaders Frontier Heritage Fair and I'm going to see if we can fit that into our schedule.


Lynda said...

its all in the timing - I have been to Charleston SC twice and twice the art museum that I went to was in process of changing out their exhibits and only 1/4 of the building was open - since I live in the PNW, it was impossible for me to get back to see the upcoming exhibits......

Deb said...

There isn't a lot to see there. My grandchildren did enjoy it though. That is where the Mary's River Quilt Guild meets.


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