Monday, February 19, 2018

Telluride Shawlette

I stayed up very late last night because there was snow predicted for this morning and I thought that, if it actually happened, it would make a pretty backdrop for the third shawl of 2018. 

Yarn: Knitpicks Shine, Melon, 5 skeins  

The rows in triangular shawls get steadily longer. Someone please remind me of that the next time I tell myself I "only" have another eighteen rows to finish the project. I didn't plan on staying up nearly so late, but it was well worth it. 

This project started with some Knitpicks Shine Sport that I'd picked up when they still had a tiny store in Vancouver that carried Connecting Threads fabric and occasionally some yarn. I counted four skeins in the bag and searched my Ravelry queue for every shawl that matched that weight and yardage, then changed my mind a couple of times after looking at the printed patterns and settled on the Telluride Shawlette

It's much easier than my first glance at the chart made it look. Every yarn over has to be in the right place to maintain the pattern, but its an easy repeat and I could find and fix mistakes on the fly. 

I didn't realize until the bitter end that I was playing yarn chicken. The pattern calls for 364 yards. I thought I had 440, which seemed like a safe margin until I started the fifth skein I hadn't realized was there. My shawl wound up taking just under 550 yards, which makes me think I either added an extra pattern repeat or was spectacularly of from the designer's gauge. Or, because of the way I bought this yarn in a bag without labels, maybe it was a return and all of the yardage wasn't there to begin with?

Whatever happened, I used it all up and made a pretty shawl and I'm happy.

The shawl, on the other hand, is extremely soggy. 


travelinsewl said...

It's beautiful.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Oh! A game of Yarn Chicken? You WON!! :o))


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