Saturday, September 30, 2017

There's a Spider in My Kitchen

There are probably other spiders in the kitchen of my ninety-seven-year-old farm house, but this is the special one who has a name. 

Meet Charlotte -- 

She lives over the kitchen sink and in the month since I took this picture she's spun and respun her web on what seems to be a daily basis, caught and dramatically devoured lots more flies, spent the better part of a day shedding her skin, and grown absolutely huge. (She hides behind the curtain during the day, so I can't get an updated picture right now.)

Can you see why I've kept her around? She's fascinating! And she's also not the kind of spider that bites people while they're sleeping. Those get squished.

From what I've read, orb weavers lay their eggs in late summer or early fall and then die. I probably should have moved her outside already to give her babies the best chance at happy spider lives. But she's hard to part with.


sewbusy said...

If a spider can make a living in my house, I let it stay too as long as possible, but she is HUGE!

colleen said...

Spiders are fascinating.....I have a fear of them and try to keep all bugs out so spiders will not be in my house. Of course it doesn't work spiders are spiders they are where they are. In my house they either got out or I get them out

Outside I love looking at their webs

I have work bin and there is always a spider in there a black widow different ones I tried to get rid of and did get rid of many but here is the deal I am very careful and there is always one so now it's live and let live because if I kill this one there will be a replacement
Why there are never more than one no clue just glad


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