Thursday, September 07, 2017

I Should've Done That Weeks Ago...

The pre-finished banner was an odd shape so I just held the loose fabric for the Halloween cat while I was stitching it. Then I started the lighthouse scene and didn't have Q-snaps in that size so I wound up holding the fabric again. It had worked just fine for the cat, so why not?

Mostly because the closer I get to the middle, the more and more time I spend rolling and adjusting the fabric and finding my place again. This week I was up in the sewing room looking for that second box of cross stitch kits that may or may not actually exist and spotted a set of snaps that's only a little too big.

Tear some strips off of an old sheet, sew them along the edges of the aidia with the machine's longest stitch so it'll be easy to remove and reuse later, and make the project fit the snaps instead of buying a frame to pick the project.

This is suddenly much easier.


Yanicka said...

Brilliant :)

Suzanne said...

Resourceful is looking good!

Robin said...

I like the basted grid idea. That would have saved a lot of anguish on some previous pieces. The sunset is so pretty.


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