Tuesday, September 05, 2017

{Dusting Off the UFOs} Celebration

I've got a few more blocks than this, but those are all dark so they won't show what the quilt will actually look like. 

I don't know why I put this one aside from so long, except for the fact that cutting and piecing the blocks is pretty fiddly (especially if you're the kind of madwoman who wants a different fabric for every single block...a decision that I'm reconsidering as I type this)  The blocks aren't hard, they just take more time than little postage stamp squares or bow ties or spools.

The pattern is Celebration, from the April 2004 issue of Quilter's Newsletter. It looks like I started it back in 2009 and I couldn't tell you when the last time I worked on it was.

While I was going through the dining room and boxing everything up so that the refrigerator could pass through on its way to the kitchen, I kept finding fabric that would be perfect for this project. I should start cutting some of that, shouldn't I?


Yanicka said...

Seem like this quilt is just short of jumping up and down saying "make me, make me!" lol

You really have no choice :)

maggie said...

I really love this pattern.. It would look great in 1930's fabrics.. Oh dear, another one on my long list..
Yours is lovely. keep at it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, cut away! Definitely time to get back to this one. =)


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