Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This Week, We're Learning About Electricity...

Specifically, we're learning what happens when you leave town for a couple of days and come home to find that the winter weather knocked the power out and when the repair crew fixed it they left you with no power to half of the house and 220 coming out of the 110 outlets in the rest of the house.

It's not good.

Five days later, we're still trying to sort things out. The new modem came and I just got the internet connection back, but I'm out of scheduled posts, so I'll set up the linky party for Friday and try to be back to my regular schedule after Christmas.

We got lucky. If we'd been home when it happened, we would've probably lost both laptops and my sewing machine (not to mention  the Kindles...and the portable gaming systems... and the phones...)

I did not have time for this!


CathieJ said...

Oh wow, so sorry about the electric problem. As you said, it is lucky that you weren't home and all those items were not in use.

Little Quiltsong said...

That is awful. We are so dependent on electricity now. Glad things are getting sorted out.

Carol S. said...

Oh no! This doesn't sound fun at all but you really were lucky not to lose your precious electronics. I hope it all gets fixed soon!

Sherry said...

So sorry, this sounds like such a hassle. Have a Merry Christmas and it is so good that you were not home and didn't loose your sewing machine, etc.


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