Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dark Red Socks for Christmas

The holidays stress me out...knitting soothes my nerves...I've got another pair of new socks...

Drops Fabel Dark Red/Bourgogne Socks
Yarn: Drops Fabel Dark Red/Bourgogne  

.One of my readers asked if Drops yarns were only available online. They've got a store finder on their website. For those of us here in the United States, it looks like the only one is in California.  I bought mine from Nordic Mart last spring when it was on sale for $2.00 a skein. The price and colors seemed too good to be true, so I "only" ordered enough for a dozen pairs.

Now that I've knitted with it, I'm hoping that it will go on sale again and I can snap up the rest of the colors. Even full price, it's super affordable. I've finished three pairs with it so far and while I haven't worn them enough to form any opinions about their durability (I like knitting socks much better than I like wearing them) I haven't run into any trouble with the yarn itself. It's thinner than other brands I've worked with and maybe not as soft...but it was also two dollars a skein. And did I mention how amazing the colors are?

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Dar said...

We are twins! Check out the matching pair to yours that reside at my house. I agree that the price for this yarn is great (did I mention that you were responsible for me going to Nordic Mart and ordering 8 skeins of yarn). They do not feel as soft as other yarns, but for durability, so far they are doing great. Since I don't have as many pairs knitted as you and I wear a pair of hand knitted socks almost every day, I have washed these quite often (by hand most times), they are holding up nicely. Here's a link to my pair.


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