Monday, December 05, 2016

Be My Neighbor - Two More Houses

Moda Be My Neighbor

I'm piecing more houses and, yes, I'm going out of order and picking easy ones first. Because that's the kind of day it was. Block 11 has far too much small scale floral there, but I'm leaving it as is unless I finish all of the houses and decide that I should redo it.

Have I mentioned that these blocks are ridiculously big? And how much fabric you lose piecing those rooftops? I'm saving bonus triangles in case I can incorporate them in the backing.


Anonymous said...

I think they all look great. If you aren't so fond of that one block ... well, isn't there always one neighbor who does something to their house or yard that we just wish they wouldn't? LOL

St. Anne's Sewdality said...

So true, Susan. My neighbor painted her house dark green. It's grown on us.


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