Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The First Thing I Did After I Got My Sewing Machine Back...

Any guesses what I did almost immediately after setting my newly cleaned and oiled sewing machine up? 

Yup, I broke my needle. It seems like those dang  things either break as soon as you put a new one in, or they don't break at all.

While I was breaking my brand new needle, I was putting together a basic zipper pouch so that I could keep up with LiEr's zip a bag tutorial series. This one is unlined with an unfaced zipper. I know what an unlined bag is, but I'm not as clear about an unfaced zippper (aside from the fact that it's the only kind I've ever done.)

The hardest part of this bag was figuring out what I wanted to do. There's no pattern in the tutorial, just an explanation of the technique and why you shouldn't make a bag this way if you have a choice. While I was rummaging through the sewing room, I turned up this fabric. It's lightweight corduroy, from an estate sale or scrap bag or someplace like that. Pretty, but not suitable for a quilt. I knew I'd do something with it eventually.

Now it's a zippered pouch to tuck circular knitting needles into. That'll work!

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1 comment:

Dar said...

Can you supply a link of where these zippered bags/pouches reside. Thanks much. Yours is real cute and I like that you used corduroy for it.


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