Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Year End Totals

This is usually one of my favorite posts of the year, but this time around I keep looking at my totals and refusing to believe that I only finished three quilts -- two baby quilts and little wall hanging -- in 2015. That can't be right!

What seems even less possible are the socks -- twenty five pairs this year. After 2014, I thought I might want to take a break from the sock knitting, but that's not what happened. I decided to try some more complex patterns and wound up knitting more pairs than ever before. But knitting soothes frazzled nerves and my nerves have needed soothing.

There was lots of mindless stockinette and ribbing, letting the pretty yarn do most of the work....

And there were some more challenging socks. Some, like Fischernetze and the Catnip socks, weren't as complicated as I thought they'd be. The Owlie socks and the Fly socks just about did me in. They weren't that hard, but they were  sure nerve-wracking.

I embroidered a bunch more vintage designs for the Garden Party quilt and although I've probably got enough done for a lap quilt, I'm still having too much fun to think about stopping anytime soon.

2015 was a wild year.  I don't know what 2016 has in store, but I definitely hope there's a lot more quilting involved!


Dar said...

What a plethora of beautiful handmade items to treasure. I did the reverse, finished more quilts and less socks, but that is fine. I have many more UFOs in the quilting area. I want to know what program do you use to arrange all your pictures in the tile format. That is cool. Hope your 2016 year is even better.

Terri in BC said...

I hope so too! My finishes were way down this year, but I've resolved to clear out my UFOs, which means what were going to be full-size quilts will now become lap-size or baby quilts!


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