Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Now I Want a Tea Set ...

I'm going to start this post by saying that I love old dolls, even the ones that could be considered creepy. After hearing too many scary stories at childhood slumber parties I had a couple of dolls that I didn't want in my bedroom at night. (Anyone else remember the murderous china doll who got off of the shelf by walking on her long fingernails?)   But I have't been really spooked by a doll in years.

This little lady was always creepy. She has a walking mechanism and teeth. Thirty-some years after the teeth and moving legs scared me, she's gotten even spookier. When you lift her up, her head creaks and swivels on the neck joint just enough to be unsettling.

Taking the pictures for this post started to feel like I was taking post-mortoms.  Teenage Son played the role of hidden mother, holding the blanket up behind Dolly and keeping her upright.

I don't know if her teeth or her tongue are more unsettling. Maybe it's the fact that her mouth has realistic depth to it. Someone told me once that the teeth are ivory, but the body of the doll seems to be hard plastic. (It's definitely not bisque or composition.)  I can't find any markings on her, so if anyone does know what she is, please leave a comment. I'm not having much luck with my own research.

She's been in the family for years and as far as we know was part of an adult's collection. It makes me kind of sad to think that maybe she never got to be played with. She was made for tea parties and riding in a doll stroller.

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Libby in TN said...

She's dressed like Dorothy (Wiz) except for the pink shoes. Maybe they were once red?

Auntiepatch said...

Both my twin sister and I had these dolls when we were children. They are in my Hope Chest now but still work. However, I only have one key. We loved them. My grandmother sent them to us in the mid-50's and they still have their original plaid dresses.


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