Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winding Ways

When I saw this magazine cover at the grocery store this week, I knew I wanted to make that quilt. I thought it was Winding Ways...and I've got the Winding Ways die for my AccuQuilt Go!....and if somehow I was wrong, I've got scissors and template plastic....

It turns out the pattern is written for the AccuQuilt die. I'm not totally sure how I feel about that. It's great for me, since I've already got the die and hadn't quite worked up the nerve to try it. I needed a gorgeous quilt to push me into action.

If I didn't already have the die....I'm not sure if I'd be annoyed by the pattern's focus or not. Honestly, there's no need to be. The pattern comes with templates. It can be made as if the die and die cutter didn't exist. (Wish I could say that for all of those patterns that rely on printed panels!)

There are a few other patterns in here that I want to make, too, so I think I got my money's worth whether or not I wind up making the cover quilt. Why is it that the good issues always come out right after my subscription expires?


beaquilter said...

i saw that too and have the die. sigh... another wish quilt

Allie said...

That is really beautiful! I'd be very annoyed if it didn't have templates, though...and I really hate when they use a panel, and you have to buy the fabric to make the quilt in the magazine. HATE that.

Becky said...

My reaction was the same. I instantly wanted to make that quilt. I don't have the die nor the cutter. I have access to a cutter, but don't know if this friend has the die. I did templates once. Dud that, DONE. Thanks foe letting me vent. P

Becky said...

Posting from hubby's IPad as we travel south by car. My "typing" on the Pad Ned's some practice. Happy Friday :)


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