Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Year End Totals

I don't expect to finish any more projects in the next few days, so I'm including my year end totals with the last stash report of the year.

I got more done than I realized this year! Sixteen baby quilts, four big quilts from start to finish, three squares for Jo's Quilt Square Quilt Along, four wall quilts, and a handful of smaller projects. I didn't mangage to keep track of the knitting, but there were seventeen baby hats in the batch I donated to the NICU just before Halloween.

Weekly Stash Report

Fabric Used this Week: 1.5 yards 
Fabric Used year to Date: 74.25 yards
Added this Week: 2.5 yards   
Added Year to Date: 498.5 yards
Net Added for 2012: 424.25 yards

I flung 104 yards of unusable stuff during my sewing room clean up.

Yarn Used this Week:  300 yards
Yarn Used year to Date: 1395 yards
Yarn Added this Week: 0 yards
Yarn Added Year to Date: 4250 yards
Net Added for 2012: 2855 yards

To see more weekly stash reports, click over to Patchwork Times.


krisgray said...

Wow! Now that's a lot of finishes for 2012 - congrats!

Dar said...

You really had a very productive 2012 when it came to quilting projects. Good for you. Now let's see if you continue in 2013. I'll be watching. ha ha. If only I had done half as many, I'd be pleased as punch.

DeeDee said...

There are a few of your quilts in your mosaic that I am going to try to make. Over 100 yards of fabric tossed - good for you.

Thanks for sharing and have a great New Year.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Way to go Michelle! I'm laughing because I first read your yarn totals for fabric and about fell off my chair...

Suzanne said...

You were very busy during 2012!

Jo said...

I think the one in the upper right had corner is my favorite!!

Denise :) said...

GREAT job!! You've done a marvelous job this year ... congratulations!! :)


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