Monday, December 03, 2012

Cheddar Bow-Ties

I jumped on Bonnie's Cheddar Bow-Ties bandwagon as soon as she announced it. At first, I was going to play by the rules and just do them as leaders and enders, but that didn't work out so well. I lost a few and sewed a few together backwards and switched to a more forgiving leader and ender project.

Then Bonnie posted pictures of her quilt loaded onto the long arm and I started to wonder where my cheddar background fabric had gotten to... I think I was still up to my ears in the Nancy Drew quilt at that point. Something was going on.

Saturday, I was going through the dauntingly huge bag of scraps to cut squares for baby quilts and decided I should cut some bow ties while I was at it. I've cut and  pieced fifty bow ties in the past two days and I know there's a baggie of cut pieces here that I can't find.

They'll turn up before I'm ready to assemble the top. Or they won't.

To see more design walls, head over to Patchwork Times.


Needled Mom said...

Love the Cheddar.

Vic in NH said...

Nice looking group of cheddary bow ties already, Michelle. I got waylaid trying to figure out if I wanted a diagonal allover set, or maybe those cute circular donuts, or maybe a barnraising type of quadrants. With the indecision, I left them all in a basket!

Jo said...

Love your bow ties and my guess, they will show up once you start hunting for some fabric to bind your quilt's to hoping I'm wrong :)

Quilty Conscience said...

Absolutely lovely! Bowties are so fun! I have two flimsys of bowties. They are first on my list to quilt after the first of the year.

AnnieO said...

I love bowties and cheddar, but didn't jump on this bandwagon :) Hope all your missing pieces pop out of their hiding places soon!

Teri said...

Mine are being done as leaders/enders, so they have quite a ways to go. Yours look grand. Makes me want to go sew up some more.

Lori said...

those bow ties will surface--they're lurking in a bag somewhere. The Corning ware dishes--I remember my mom having them in the 70's--and they were microwave safe then. Over 40 years ago--egad--my age is showing!


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