Saturday, December 08, 2012

steel rule dies and our Christmas tree

The tree is up and the lights are strung and it's time to hang some decorations. We seem to be going for a Super Mario World and Doctor Who theme this year. Ironing Perler bead piranha plants is  my new hobby -- but if that makes the boys happy, it works for me.

I've got some decorations I want to make myself, birds cut from pages of old books. I even found the perfect book to use -- House Plants for Five Exposures. (Am I the only one who worries about using pages from a book and having unexpected inappropriate words on my ornaments?)

So what's stopping me?

I keep thinking that I could cut these out so easily with my Birds die.... except that's for fabric. I had a hard time getting myself to cut the paper pieces for our ghost hunt, until I reminded myself that those Sizzix dies are made for cutting paper with.

So, if the Sizzix dies and AccuQuilt dies are both steel rule dies....why should one cut paper and the other shouldn't? Are the edges different?  The company tells you to place a piece of paper over your fabric if you're having trouble getting shapes to cut correctly. Would I even cut enough birds to make a difference?


Allie said...

Well, the only thing I can think of is that maybe it's the same as scissors - to keep my fabric scissors sharp, I never cut paper with them. But if you're only cutting a few, I would think it would be ok....I'd probably go for it and see, lol.

B Greene said...

For my niece's wedding favors, I cut out over 500 birds using an old book of poems and my GO! Baby.

The last one cut as well as the first. I haven't tried fabric since, but I don't expect any problems.

LOL about the inappropriate words. I read both sides of every bird and had a different stack for birds that had to go in the middle because they were too sad, etc... I even read the wings - arrrgghhhh!

Teri said...

I asked accucut about this, and they told me as long as it wasn't tons of paper, it wouldn't dull the blades. I wouldn't stress about it.


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