Monday, March 15, 2010

With my machine all tuned up, I've been catching up on the little scrap quilts. Breaking machine needles like crazy -- three snapped yesterday morning for absolutely no reason I could see... so I'm hoping we don't have to take the machine back to the dealer. Not after just spending several months worth of quilting budget getting it cleaned and oiled.

I've named this one, which is the same pattern as the one did for the sewing party, Red Sparks. It's quilted with swirls.

This one doesn't have a name -- it's just "the blue one I pieced earlier this year." Even thought I had several backing choices, I avoided quilting it, because I thought I didn't like it.

Now that it's backed with a flannel sheet covered with cute little sheep, I wish it was big enough for me to snuggle up under!

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