Monday, March 22, 2010

Now what?

Earlier this afternoon, I dragged some bags of strings and crumbs down from the sewing room to see if I could pull together enough bits and pieces to start a controlled-scrappy string quilt. Once I got the fabric together, my plan was to make twenty 6" blocks, then sew those together into five big four-patch blocks and alternate them with some applique or something.

Now that I've got my twenty little locks done, I've decided that I really don't feel like doing some applique or something. What I think I need is another row of blocks, but I'm not sure I have enough yellow and blue strings to make them.

And I might have thought of another, possibly better idea while I was typing this out. Gotta go see if it'll work -- if it does I'll show you tomorrow!

1 comment:

Pattilou said...

Love your blog. The controlled scrappy strings are always fun and I love blue and yellow together!


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