Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Whatever part of my brain controls free motion quilting seems to be stuck in a spiral this week. Fine with me, since my spirals seem to be getting a little better with each quilt. And I'm guessing that with enough practice I'll be able to transition more easily between meanders and spirals and whatever comes next.

This one came about because that snowball quilt seemed to have so many dark blue squares in it I started to wonder what a checkerboard of dark blue and muslin would look like. I didn't figure out until after I was done piecing that instead of the alternating nine-patch blocks I used, four-patches would've worked just as well and required less counting. Next time I'll do it that way!

I planned to try a mix of meanders and stars on this one, but the call of the spirals was too strong. That's fine -- I'll just make another one like it to try the stars on.

And this last one is finally quilted and bound after being buried on my ironing board for a few weeks.

I'm almost caught up on quilting the baby quilts, but things have slowed down a bit since the Janome started making an odd little whisper (that might not even be new, maybe the kids are just being quiet enough for me to notice!) and has been getting quirkier since I scheduled her for a tuneup. That's tomorrow and I'm supposed have her back by the end of the day.

In the meantime, I'm sorting fabric and cutting wedges for Grandma's Donuts and more baby quilts. I've got 296 so far, and need 640 total. That's an awful lot of little wedges -- this quilt had better be worth it!

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope your Janome is running better now - nothing worse that when your machine is playing up!Love your latest collection of quilts.


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