Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I did the math

As closely as I can figure, here's what my birthday quilt cost me to make --

nothing for the pattern, since I was inspired by a hundred year old quilt and drafted it myself
$13 for the 3 1/2 yards of blue scraps
$1 for the white cotton sheet I used instead of muslin
$8 for the package of warm and natural batting
$3.50 for the thrift store sheet backing
$2 for the new yardage I bought for binding
$1.59 for thread

Which adds up to a little under thirty dollars for the entire quilt.

That number is a little high, because I based it on the $4 a yard I paid for most of the blue fabric. Some of it was much much cheaper. And I should be able to do another small lap quilt with the leftover batting.

Except for the backing (I've been buying yardage, which usually runs me around twelve bucks a quilt.) that's probably about what I spend making most of my big quilts.

Not that I think anyone but me cares about any of this -- I've just been wondering what I do spend, especially after hearing other people talk about what it costs to make a quilt. I've got this ornery streak that wants to figure out just how cheaply I can get results I'm happy with!

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Michele Bilyeu said...

Great job, and I loved both your thriftiness and your sharing of the math!!


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