Monday, March 15, 2010

This weekend, I went over to my best friend's house to quilt. While she was answering the phone, I headed out to the van for my sewing machine and found her neighbor about to knock on the back door.

The woman, who I barely know, was bringing me a quilt top! Not just any quilt top, a stunning old top with hand pieced baskets and prairie points around the edges.

I'm not real clear about how the quilt came into my hands -- someone her husband knows is in failing health and getting rid of things and she thought I might want it. I did ask her if she thought she should offer it to my friend (her neighbor)first, but she told me "She only likes her own quilts."

My friend did not agree. But she was too nice to take my new treasure away from me, even after I offered to flip her for it.

It looks like the border was added later -- that yellow and green fabric is much sturdier than the fabric in the blocks, and it's machine pieced while the blocks look mostly hand pieced. There's also a length of yellow backing that was with the top and has been seamed for the backing, but it doesn't match either of the other yellows.

All of the flowers have the exact same layout, and I've got a hunch those prints are feed sack, but I don't know enough about it to be sure.

Anyone know the name of this block?


Helen in the UK said...

What a wonderful vintage quilt top - you lucky thing!!! And all those wonderful finds at the thrift store for backings ... you're on a roll!! Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket quick :)

3anklebiters said...

what a fabulous gift! i've never seen that exact pattern before, it is wonderful. are those prairie points around the edge?

Amanda said...

Oh my! What a lucky day you had! You might search online for a used copy of Clues in the Calico. The book gives lots of great tips on identifying old quilts and fabrics.

Vivian said...

Thanks for re-posting this at Val's: What a lucky opportunity to get this quilt!! I'm going to have to look through your blog -- is there more to the story? Did you finish the quilt? Did you and your friend later negotiate for joint custody? I know I would have wanted to after this was quilted because I'm sure it's even more beautiful finished!

Don't recognize that block but it looks like it might have been one of those newspaper patterns like Kansas City Star or that ilk.


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