Thursday, November 01, 2007

We have candy!

We have candy in amounts I wouldn't have imagined possible, especially since I didn't go out and buy any and my littlest two only trick or treated a handful of houses. They rode in the stroller while the big two wound up with enough candy to more than overwhelm the rest of us. And it's mostly chocolate.

I'm looking forward to nibbling on some tonight while I knit, because last night we walked and walked and walked and walked and by the time we made the drive home from our friends' house, I was too tired to do more than sit in front of a scary movie and finish a couple of rows on the Knitting Needle Knitting Bag. I'm getting SO close to having the seed stitch portion done.

I probably could have finished this morning, but I watched Knitty Gritty and got all excited about the felted bunny they were making and wound up casting on for the felted firefighter hat from New Knits on the Block instead of slogging through the seed stitch.

It has short rows, Quinn likes hats, and I need to find out if the new washer is going to play nice and let me felt in it.

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