Monday, November 19, 2007

I had a minor tragedy yesterday afternoon. While I was slogging away on the yoke of the baby Cobblestone, there was a sad little snap as one of my Denise cables left this world. A dozen or so stitches immediately escaped, but none of them laddered down and I got them all onto a new cable, so it's all okay now. I've just got to mail the broken one in to get it replaced.

The Flickering Flames skirt (which for some reason I keep typing as the candle flame skirt)is as done as it's going to get anytime soon. I still need to replace the ribbon at the waist with some elastic and sew a slip for her to wear under it, but that's not knitting.


Pattern- Luna Flickering Flames Skirt

(this is exactly what the label on the bag read!)
Sale Yarn!
Factory Surplus
Tangled Skeins
100% miscellaneous odd lots of undetermined fiber content

Needles- Denise size 9 and 11

This doesn't have the shaping called for in the pattern because I jumped in without figuring out how much yarn I actually had. So I went up bunch of needle sizes instead of increasing, and it came out okay.

I've got three new projects on my needles to play with -- hope no more of my cables break!

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