Friday, November 23, 2007

Today would have been my first Black Friday in years without a baby in my arms, but Bill was scheduled to work and not even the promise of crazy ladies at Joann's or 99 cent snuggle flannel (with a 20% off the entire purchase coupon to make it even cheaper!) was exciting enough for me to want to leave the house before dawn with four kids in tow.

I've still got snuggle flannel from previous sales, and after that yarn sale at Michael's last week, I'm all set with the cheap acrylic for a while. Even if there were better yarn deals out there today, I don't really need any of it.

So I've been hanging around the house and adding stuff to my Ravelry Queue and printing patterns and digging around for yarn.

And I spent a couple of hours on my Bigfoot Shawl --

There's a lot more to it now than there was when I took the picture. I think I might be at the point where I can enjoy the knitting instead of holding my breath and hoping I'll wind up with the right number of stitches at the end of each row.

This was supposed to be for Alex, but I'm loving the colors so much it might stay mine. She got the Rose Garden Shawl, so it's not like the poor kid is deprived.

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