Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's sad. For the third day in a row, Ravelry won't let me do anything that requires clicking on a button. I can't add people to my friends, or get into my messages (especially sad since there actually was one for once) or add projects to my queue...

sigh It's happened before, but it's always worked again the next day. And I'm sure it'll work again soon, I just hate not being able to do things right now, when I actually have a chance to sit here and use the computer.

And what if it won't let me add my new yarn when it gets here?! It's not like I could keep the invoice and enter it later, or anything rational like that...

Knitpicks has lace weight on clearance, in colors that I've been coveting since they were first released. So, after a week or so of resisting temptation, I've got three skeins of Campfire Shadows and two skeins of Maple Leaf Shimmer on the way, along with enough worsted weight wool for six pairs of socks.

Since the weather got cold, I've been wearing my Horcrux Socks and my Traveller socks as often as I can. They're warm and cozy. They make my hated tennis shoes fit a little better than regular socks do. And worsted weight socks are fast to knit, at least at the gauge I used for those two pairs. So I'm determined to whip out some more of them to keep my toes warm.

And I've got nice toddler sweaters to knit. The kids and I went to a new church last Sunday and my baby boys were seriously under-dressed. I didn't even know you could under-dress a 21 month old! And I'm not about to buy them little dress shirts with vests and ties. Let alone IRON little bitty dress shirts.

I've decided that the answer is nice, mommy-knit pullovers. Something like Sherwood or this one that I stumbled across on Ravelry. If it turns out, that cobblestone pullover I'm sizing down for Quinn might be okay.

This is why I don't have a real sweater of my own yet. But I'm gonna have warm socks.

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