Friday, July 06, 2007

This way lies insanity

I did cast on for the new shawl -- all 541 stitches of it. I think I've finally figured out the long tail cast on, so it was a lot less painful than I expected. And I made it through two of the nine yarn skeins before realizing that it was going to make me nuts if I kept pushing myself to keep up the same pace. That's too much purling and too much wrestling the stitches along the cable, and the clues for the new mystery stole are out.

Not that I can print anything here at the house. So we went to the library to do it there. They used to have computers on the main level that you could use for a couple of minutes, but I got directed to an eerily quiet room downstairs where they won't let you go with babies. Can't use those. Can't use the computers in the children's section, not even if I had a kid in my lap.

I did get a reference librarian to help me out, and I've got the first two clues, but by the time we got home from karate and hours of errands, it was too late to hunt through the sewing room for Mystery Stole yarn, so I wound up casting on for the Luna Moth Shawl.

How many shawls/stoles/wraps can I have on the needles at once?


Danielle said...

Thanks for the nice comment about my bobbie cardigan :-) Good luck with your shawls. Sorry to hear printing has been such a trial for you, hope things get better in that department soon! I know how you feel, I hate it when I just run out of ink because it's so blinking expensive, lol!!

Mamere Knits Too Much said...

ack! 541 stitches cast on?? i hope you're gonna be decreasing :) have never knit with lace weight but am attempting mystery stole3

Unknown said...

I do like the long-tail cast-on, well, except when I don't have enough "tail." LOL. Once I get going, I find it goes rather fast.


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