Wednesday, July 04, 2007

5,000 Gram Update

In just over two months, I've managed to knit up 1500 grams of yarn -- yippee! I got a lot done in May, but I was so convinced I wouldn't be able to do much knitting in June that even though our plans changed and I had time to knit, I didn't get anything done.

Now, I feel like knitting. I finished Askew last night and did mange to get the circumference right, which doesn't matter because the straps hit in an impossible place. It's my fault because I didn't make sense of the schematic and pictures until it was too late. So that's in my sewing room, completely done except for the straps. Maybe I'll have a flash of brillance and figure out how to salvage it one of these days. Or maybe I won't.

Immediately after that was done, I cast on for the second Horcrux sock and stayed up working on the leg until I was too tired to see straight. I finished it about an hour ago and I'm a lot more excited about these socks than I expected to be.

A friend commented that she expected something more spectacular to live up to their name. I didn't even remember what a Horcrux was, just liked the idea of socks that would knit up fast. But I didn't have wool, didn't think one skein of Wool-Ease would be enough, didn't want to use a tiny bit of a second skein... And somehow I wound up with a solid reddish brown color and a bit of varigated stuff that looked like it would be enough for heels and toes.

I didn't realize until I was halfway through the first sock that the varigated stuff was the last of the yarn I used to knit premie hats for Quinn while we were in the NICU. Those hats were too ugly to save, hopefully because I was recovering from surgery, stressed out of my mind, didn't have a pattern and the stupid nurse kept forgetting to give me my pain meds even though I kept asking for some. And after typing that, I'm not sure why I want a souvenier of that stage in our lives, but while I was knitting the sock, I thought it was kind of neat to be using that same yarn in socks for me.

Tonight's plan was to cast on for the Rose Garden Shawl, but after rummaging through three rooms to find the yarn and pattern, casing on 541 stitches may be too much for me.

Oh, and Knitpicks has the last few Memories colors I've been coveting on clearance and yummy new colors of Palette and Telemark and a couple of new sock yarns. So I happily spent the last of my birthday money. Now there's really no more yarn until I get 3500 more grams of my stash knitted up.

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Rachel said...

Oo, I wish I could get my family to give me birthday money. They insist on buying me jewelry. Oh well. Could have worse things to complain about!


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