Friday, July 20, 2007

Pictures! And no whining about the electronics, at least not today.

The Rose Garden Shawl really does exist --

It hasn't been as much of a boring struggle as I expected it to be, but with only 300 more yards to go, I've got mixed feelings about this project. I still love the colors and I'm glad I bought the yarn and got it knitted up before realizing that I really don't care for feather and fan, or whatever realative of feather and fan this stitch pattern actually is.

And look at my kitties! I saw the pattern in Quilter's Newsletter and immediately thought "I could do that with the scraps!"

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Rachel said...

I think your shawl is gorgeous! I know what you mean about the feather and fan, though. I didn't like it either until I tried knitting it without the purl row. Hope you have better luck with your electronics! Luna shawl is gorgeous, too. I can't wait to knit my first shawl!


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