Thursday, July 12, 2007

I got neat new stuff yesterday.

Neat thing #1 was a new prescription for real, honest to God migraine medication. For the past few years, I've been limited to the stuff that frequently doesn't work but always makes me sick to my stomach or the stuff that sometimes works but makes the room spin and wears off quickly. Which meant I usually just suffered through the headaches.

After a string of nasty four and five day ones, I decided there had to be a better way and demanded an appointment with a doctor who knew about medications and breastfeeding and what can and can't be done -- turns out my theory was right and that as long as I wait long enough between taking the Caffergot and nursing the baby, we'll both be happy. Yippee!

It also turns out that occasionally having my arm and half of my face go numb and losing the ability to speak coherently is just a migraine aura. Guess that's reassuring. It's also the symptom that convinced him I really do have migraines and not just plain old headaches.

Trust me, this is really exciting!

Nifty thing #2 was the yarn I'd ordered from Knitpicks six days earlier. I never get stuff from them that fast and almost didn't bother checking the post office box while I was in town. The new colors of Palette (at least the four different ones I ordered) are gorgeous! More shawls will soon be on my needles, I guess.

I'm still happily playing with my newest shawls. Rose Garden has become my TV knitting, and I'm almost halfway done with it already. The Luna Moth is giving me just enough trouble that I'm afraid to work on it when there's much danger of anyone jumping on me or asking a question, but it's starting to look like something.

And if there was ANY way for me to post a picture, I'd show you the absolutely enormous snake that was spread out behind the van when I walked around it to unload the groceries last week. I don't know how we pulled into the driveway without squishing him, but all four feet of him were stretched out in the gravel and I didn't see him there until I almost stepped on him -- then I jumped and screamed and said some words the kids probably didn't need to hear.

He's at the other end of the yard now, hopefully eating mice or something. And hopefully he's the same fella that left the big skin Bill found in the barn last year.

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Rachel said...

Actually, you might have run over the snake. I happen to know that running over a snake with a vehicle does not usually result in the snake's death (do not ask me how I know this - it was a traumatic experience :)

Glad to hear that you should be experiencing fewer migraines. Hope the medication really knocks them out!


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