Saturday, July 21, 2007

I think this has become my Deathly Hallows Shawl. Its real name never stuck in my head, and I've been so immersed in the Harry Potter books for the past few days, trying to get done re-reading the last couple so I can read the new one, and the color is perfect.

Some projects got tangled up with whatever was going on when I knit them. Months after the fact, I know that I was working on the Endpaper Mitts while watching the movie Wickerman -- twice, because I had to see the commentary to figure out that I knew the story because I'd read the book it was based on. I've got a dishcloth that conjures up a neat old movie I sat up until until something like 3am because I wanted to see if they got the guy out of the cave. They didn't. But I wound up with a nice lacy dishcloth.

I'm feeling a lot happier about the shawl after sitting up with it for three hours last night. The stitch pattern is finally flowing for me, even if I can't look at it and tell if I'm doing the right thing in the right spot.

Now I don't know what to do with myself while the kids are playing - read, or knit on the shawl, or play with the new computer...


Rachel said...

Hmmm, I see your dilemma; both are a wonderful thing! Beautiful shawl work, as always, and I love the photo!

Unknown said...

I haven't started the book yet . . . my daughter has read it at least twice. I'm saving it for vacation.

The shawl is beautiful.


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