Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Because I wasn't feeling motivated to do anything more challenging last night, I pulled out that yard of striped fabric and my daughter's copy of One Yard Wonders and decided to see what I could come up with.

The first bump in the road -- my striped fabric isn't nearly as cool as the stripes in the quilt that got me started on this.

The second bump in the road -- the directions in the book were really hard for me to follow. I tried to read and follow them, but wound up with my usual "why does she want me to do it this way when I could..."

Once I figured out how to line things up and gave up on the directions, it was easy to get the blocks cut and pieced. Then I hit the real roadblock, which I admit that I should have seen coming.

My fabric is definitely not cotton and, while I'm perfectly happy with polyester in small scrappy does, this may be too much polyester for me, even with cotton sashing and backing. There's really no way to really tell unless I put it together and quilt it.

I wasn't going to do anything else with this yard of fabric and now I know that I like this technique, so I can look out for a piece of actual cotton, one that has better stripes, and there's nothing to stop me from shoving these pieced squares into a plastic baggie until I decide what I want to do with them.

And typing this out jarred my memory so that I was able to dig out a striped cotton shirt that might have enough fabric for me to turn into a snuggly little quilt while I'm deciding what to do with the polyester.

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