Saturday, July 21, 2018

{Thrift Shop Temptations} The Furniture!

I am absolutely hooked on this 1970s reproduction Colonial stuff. And yes, I know the actual colonists didn't have end tables, let alone anything like this.  The top is hinged so that you can store stuff in the bucket. Just try to tell me that wasn't designed to hold a knitting project!

I did not bring it home, but the more I look around my house with the wood paneling and huge brick fireplace, the more I begin to convince myself that this stuff would really work in our front room.

These chairs wouldn't fit anywhere in my life and they look anything but comfortable, but they've got tufted upholstery and fringe and nail heads and they're a lot more reasonably priced than the end  table was and I kind of adore them and definitely want to know what the house they came from looked like.

It was a good day for entertaining furniture and there were also vintage needlework kits. I was a little tempted by the one with the sewing notions but I'm sure I've got something similar in my pattern stash already.

This Clover knitting set is going to be a great deal for someone who enjoys knitting with straights.

I left the store empty handed, but browsing is always fun. And that FURNITURE!

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