Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Shawl Knitting Bug

I currently have four hundred and some shawl patterns in my Ravelry queue and at least a dozen books of shawl patterns and I couldn't even guess how many magazines with shawl patterns in them. When that bug bit me, it bit hard

A new project generally starts with something along the lines of "Oh, that's cute and I've got some halfway suitable yarn and an empty circular needle...." 

This time I found the pattern, Gramma's Hug, and wasn't sure I had four hundred yards of bulky. I've got larger amounts of bulky, stealing a couple of skeins would sabotage future projects. (This  whole shawl knitting challenge is an extremely elaborate game of yarn chicken.)  Then there was the Hobby Lobby yarn clearance and I picked up four skeins of I Love This Chunky and it could not be more perfect for this shawl. There should be just enough yardage.

I knit my way through an entire skein on Monday night while watching stupid old horror movies. The increases are making the point of the shawl extra pointy and I tried a Russian join for the first time.

That little narrow band of lace that you can barely see in the picture? We'll talk about that later...

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