Thursday, December 29, 2011

trying to stay out of trouble

I don't do New Years, not as a celebration anyway, so today is our first day back to normal after the holidays. And I'm already finding ways to get myself into trouble.

First, I went over to Cat Patches to see who else had posted NewFO lists, and I found this:

Remember how much fun we all had drooling over Infinite Variety? Looks like theres some more red and white yumminess headed our way. I am NOT going out to buy fabric today. I probably shouldn't buy fifteen yards of fabric for a project I haven't even seen. Do I have any Joann's coupons? (For next week, not today.)

I'm not going to the post office to see if the pattern for Jo's new project is here yet.

I'm not driving to town to look for this, either. I could buy it for my Kindle, but I'm not willing to spend the same price for an ebook that I'd spend for the paperback.

Did you know there's a series of bee mysteries? Our bees have settled down for the season, so except for occasionally wondering why the barn cat is sleeping on top of the hive and if that's going to hurt either the cat or the bugs, there hasn't been much bee-talk around here lately.

I haven't read any myself yet, but these books sound fun and the author, Deb Baker, is giving away a Kindle Touch or Nook Simple Touch to one of her readers.

What I am doing today is cleaning up the last of the Christmas wreckage and starting a new baby quilt...and downloading more free books to my Kindle.


Denise :) said...

I saw that piece on Barbara's blog, too -- very eye catching! I didn't realize you were bee keepers; how did I miss that? One of the quilters in my Stitcher's Group and her husband are local bee keepers -- I find it fascinating (and the honey most excellent)! Oh yeah, and thanks for the tip on the Kindle Touch giveaway! :)

Mama Pea said...

I don't celebrate New Year's much either. Never been a big thing for me. Thanks for all the great links. You are a bad influence on me. I just told myself "no new BOMS!" But I sure love that Quilt Square Quilt Along. I will keep my eye on it! Thanks!


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