Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

The presents are open and I'll be spending the rest of the day wrestling toys out of their packaging. Whoever decided to replace some of those awful twisty wires with some kind of cord that you can actually cut with scissors -- thank you!

One boy is playing a new WII game, one is fiddling with a pirate sword and gun, and the other is carefully wrapping a new stuffed toy with rubber bands. Our oldest has vanished to her room.

And, between requests to open toys, I'm happily searching Amazon for free books to download to the three Kindles we just added to our household. Apparently the girl is doing the same thing, since a couple of confirmation emails just popped up on my screen.

For months now, I've been reading Bonnie's suggestions for free Kindle downloads and hoping to get one of my own, and downloading books to Kindle for PC just in case. I'm not going to admit just how many free books I've downloaded since I unwrapped my Fire last night. It's like adding patterns to my Ravelry queue -- it doesn't matter if I read them all or not. And I'm having fun browsing and finding all sorts of weird old stuff that sparks my interest.

Weekly Stash Report

Judy says this is our last stash report of the year, but I'm not quite sure how that works. The next six days are still part of 2011, and I definitely plan on restarting my totals January 1!

Next year almost has to be better than this year as far as fabric in/out. Not that I plan on completely giving up the thrift store search.

Fabric Used this Week: 6 yards
Fabric Used year to Date: 88.25 yards
Added this Week: 9 yards
Added Year to Date: 1033 1/2 yards
Net Added for 2011: 945.25 yards

Yarn Used this Week: 0 yards
Yarn Used year to Date: 6640 yards
Yarn Added this Week: 400 yards
Yarn Added Year to Date: 14925 yards
Net Added for 2011: 8285 yards

I'm totally wiped out from Christmas and the big project I can't show you, so it may be a couple more days before I'm totally back up to speed.


Denise :) said...

I have to laugh! I got a Kindle for Christmas last year and am guilty of the same thing ... downloading books just in case! LOL! Enjoy your new toy; I love mine!! :)

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

So - do you think anything purchased this week doesn't count? Tee hee!!


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