Tuesday, December 13, 2011

another kind of hole in the barn door

This (try to ignore the fact that it might be the dustiest piece of cross stitch in existence) is why I quilt...

I don't even pretend to understand how I went from cross-stitching quilts to quiting quilts, let alone how knitting crept into the mix, but that's what happened. It's been years since I did any cross-stitching, not since before the move. All of my patterns and fabric are packed away behind everything else in the sewing room.

Take a look at these quilts and wheelchair totes that the members of World of Charity Stitching have been making. Aren't those just the best justification for every single cute pattern you've wanted to stitch?

I'm forcing myself to wait until after Christmas to go up and dig my supplies out. The floss is on the shelf under the window, but I won't get much done with just that!

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