Monday, August 15, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I make a lot of quilts and, with a couple of exceptions, they wind up with whichever kid claims them. Except for the donation quilts and a few that are mine and got packed off to safe corners before the kids could even figure out that they exist. Some wind up with the boys, some are folded on the rocking chair in the front room. My daughter tends to claim whatever is new and pretty, until there's something newer and prettier. Mostly, the quilts migrate from couch to bedrooms to washing machine and back.

The quilts that I've made with a specific kid in mind rarely seem to click with that kid. But Quinn's favorite color is green. Everything for that boy must be green, and a while back I realized that I should make him a green quilt. Because I had problems with the other green quilt I made and shipped it off to Afghanistan just to get it as far from me as possible. (That was just before I realized that Quinn might want a green quilt.)

I've been planning a bargello quilt for a while now and hoping that I've still got enough green scraps to pull it off. I don't know why this project has me so intimidated. I've done this same pattern before. The top was a two evening project.

I can do this! It's time to count my strips, and pull out some more fabric, and start sewing on this thing.

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Jan said...

I just culled my green stash. If you need some additions, please write to me!


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