Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to the Hobo Quilt

Now that we're back from our latest road trip, which I'll post about tomorrow, it looks like I'm back to the Hobo Quilt blocks. I'm working from a library book which I've returned and checked out and renewed more times than I can count. I'll almost convince myself to buy a copy, then I'll decide that I'm going to have the quilt done soon anyway, so I won't need my own copy...and on it goes.

Because it's so hard to remember which way is up with some of these blocks, I've decided to start sashing them now. The sample quilt in the book has brown sashing, so I bought brown fabric. Brought it home, washed it, put it someplace where my daughter's cat couldn't possibly sleep on it... then couldn't find it when I was ready to to start cutting it up.

Now that I've found my fabric, my blocks, and I had my hands on the book last night, I should really get this sashing done and see if I can make at least a couple more blocks before the book is due back.

Head over to Patchwork Times to see more design walls.


Chris said...

I love your Hobo blocks. I have the book, but have not made anything from it yet.

marcella said...

You have a nice stack of blocks made already. And good for you for finding that fabric. It is always so hard to find things that get put in a safe place, isn't it?

Jo said...

This is a quilt I really thought about making. I can't wait to see yours.


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