Tuesday, August 09, 2011

WFMW - forks from the thrift store

Our family of six uses a lot of silverware. For dinner and desert, if I don't plan on washing things in between, that's twelve forks. More if I used a couple while making dinner, or didn't already wash whatever silverware we used for lunch and snacks.

There are never enough forks in this house. We keep buying more, and they keep going away. I'm sure some go to work with my husband never to return. I wouldn't be surprised if a few had been dropped into the trash can while kids were scraping dishes. And a few days ago, I found a butter knife with a tip that had been bent in half. How did that one happen? Was one of my kids watching a documentary about Uri Geller?

I do know people who have had the same set of silverware for years and never lost a piece. And the same glasses and plates. They're obviously not as klutzy as I am!

The Dollar Tree sells cheap utensils, which sounds like a great solution. But flatware that sells brand new four for a dollar is awful. It has sharp edges. It's ugly.

And you can buy nice forks and spoons and knives at the thrift store for the same price. I don't care if my utensils match, but there are a few patterns that I keep seeing over and over and I could put together a matching set if I wanted to. Personally, I like the variety.

Those ornate forks on either end? They're the same pattern I wanted when we got married twenty years ago but was talked out of because they were too expensive. Wonder if I could put together a set of those?


LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

I think variety is fun! Thanks for sharing.

I am visiting from WFMW. I hope you have a great week!

LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

Becky~ said...

I like variety as well.Here we dont have enough knifes.Have to go look for some,thrift stores here are few and expensive.But Im like you the dollar store is just a bit to cheap.Arent we all just so picky ha!

Have a lovely day!~~Becky

Jo said...

We buy our silverware from Target. They have great stuff and you can purchase it in a pack of 6 at a time...6 forks or 6 spoons or 6 knives. We used to do what you did until hubby said he was sick of getting stuck with a salad fork and threw a fit.

Sarah Craig said...

I love mixing up vintage flatware - it's all so pretty, and it makes a very unique table setting!


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