Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WFMW - Problems with your new appliances? Google it!

I think I've mentioned the deep, seething hatred I have for our washing machine. It's had problems from the beginning. A water valve failed and was replaced under warranty. The motherboard failed and was replaced under warranty. The door latch failed and was replaced under warranty. The lid (yes, I'm still trying to figure that one out myself) failed and was replaced under warranty. Then the warranty expired and we stopped having things fixed because there was absolutely no way we were investing another penny into that horrible mistake. And for the past year, I've been hitting the power button a dozen times per load, waiting for it to finally kick in and start, and hoping it'll run through the entire cycle.

And did I mention that it tore up our clothes even when it was working? And how much fun it is to take four kids to the laundromat?

Finally, in desperation, I googled the error codes to see if there was something we could do ourselves to keep the machine going a bit longer. And I discovered that it wasn't just my machine that was jinxed. Lots of others had the same problems and had their machines replaced. Things might've turned out differently if I'd had that information a year or so sooner.

If something is broken that shouldn't be, look it up online. Call more than one repair place. Too late for it to be covered by warranty, I found out that another board (or the entire machine) should have been replaced to fix the static problems.

I thought I'd done my homework because I researched Consumer Reports and online reviews before we bought the washer. I should've immediately done more research once things started to go wrong.

Now we're shopping for a replacement (the old evil washer is now draining onto the floor when it actually decides to run in the first place) and I don't know how to choose one.

What kind of washer do you have? How long have you had it? How much laundry do you do? Has it been reliable?

I don't want extra bells and whistles, I just want clean clothes and a machine that will last more than four years. With six of us, I do a LOT of laundry. Several loads a day, almost every single day.

What I really want is a set like we had when we moved into our first house. It was ancient. We used it for years with no trouble until it finally gave up on us. I miss appliances that were built to last.

Wish me luck at the laundromat. And don't forget -- Friday is the last day to enter my Frixion Pen giveaway.


Diane Perin said...

Oh, I hate when stuff that is supposed to work well and be just basically reliable ISN't. We bought a Kenmore frontloading machine about 10 years ago, and to be honest, I've never liked it. Nothing on it has failed. But it just doesn't get clothes clean! I've changed detergents. I throw in additives. But I think the lower amount of water means stuff doesn't swish around and agitate enough. Or something. Who knows. I figure it's not particularly energy efficient if I am running every cycle "long" and extra hot to just get things barely clean. Plus as a fabric dying person I miss a top loader and the option to soak things.

Anonymous said...

I have a LG front loader, I do not like it. It uses so little water the clothes do not get clean. Like the other, person's comment I use longer + extra rinse cycle.

Lynley said...

I've had a Fisher & Paykel toploader for ten years - since kids - and it's brilliant! Good luck.

MrsFindo said...

I found my way to you from WFMW - and having just ordered my first real washing machine I've done some research - I don't know if this site might help but when I read it I felt it was a well written site - from the UK but interesting for me in Germany and I hope in other countries too!
Good Luck!


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