Monday, January 03, 2011

UFO #3

This month's number is three, so I guess I've got to finish my 30s quilt. The quilting should be straightforward enough, if the machine cooperates. It's the zig zag binding that I'm thinking may be a challenge.

I still feel like this one was a waste of fabric, which is why it's sat unfinished for a year. This is probably going to be the last of my make-a-quilt-to-use-a-fabric-collection projects.

I'm actually relieved that I get to start with something I know how to deal with, and have everything I need to finish.


I love reading end of the year posts and seeing how much fabric people have used, what projects they've finished, and what they've got planned next.

Some leave me in awe, like this one at Diary of a Sampler Lover. That is such a huge amount of work!

And the little quilts at mamacjt make my heart go pitty pat. There's a tutorial!

The last bit of the free motion quilt along is up at A Few Scraps and I'm just awed by her branches and words.

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