Friday, January 28, 2011


I would've probably said that I didn't like limits on my quilting, if I hadn't been finishing these two quilts when the discussion came up.

When I started this one, I had a big hunk of off white muslin that didn't match any of my other muslin. So I cut enough for the green and white baby quilt, then cut as many 2 1/2" squares as I could from what was left. There were just barely enough for another 30x30 inch baby quilt.

Then I decided to make a lap quilt instead, which meant making the center as large as possible with the white squares I had and adding borders to bring it up to the size the nursing home asked for.

I saw the quilt that inspired this one from across a quilt shop. The fabrics I wanted to use were a sampler of fat eighths, which meant figuring out what size squares I could cut from them, and how many I'd have, and then working with what I had.

Those would be limits, right? The kind of things I'm always limited by without really thinking much about it. I work with whatever was in the stash bags...I quilt in the time left over after taking care of my family...I choose patterns based on my current skills and ability...and now and then I put silly limits on myself just because it seems like a good idea at the time.

I rarely stick to those for long.

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