Tuesday, January 04, 2011

my little pool of light

Have I mentioned that my house, especially my little sewing coroner, is dark? Especially in winter. With the dining room light on, and the lights on in the adjacent front room and kitchen, I can almost see what I'm doing.

But it's better now!

One of the fun new toys I got for Christmas was a portable Ott Lite that fits neatly in the corner behind my sewing machine. I am loving this little pool of light!

One of the things I've decided to do this year is keep track of how much fabric comes in and how much goes out. I don't buy fabric in measurable amounts, but I can make wild guesses -- I'm thinking 30 yards a bag, less if I immediately sort through it and get rid of what I'm never going to use....4 yards for a sheet....one yard for a man's shirt, depending on size...

Guessing wildly (two yards each for the baby quilts, and eight yards each for the bigger ones) I think I used at least 125 yards of fabric last year.

So, because I'm silly, my numbers to beat for this year are --

18,000 yards of thread
125 yards of fabric
100 baby hats/booties

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