Friday, January 07, 2011

off to a lousy start

Five years ago today, I had just been released from almost three weeks of hospital bed rest and was home in my own bed, expecting to rush back to the hospital at any time and hoping not to give birth on the way.

Four years ago today, we were on our eleventh day without running water, waiting until we could get the new well dug and trying to figure out how how to pay for it.

Last year, I was mourning the loss of my diamond earring, one of the pair my husband bought me because I was too young at the time to get away with an engagement ring.

2011 is getting off to a similar start. Nothing I feel like I should post on the blog -- the kids are all fine, Grandma is fine, and I'm just amazingly stressed and can't do anything except wait for the other shoe to drop. In two completely separate and unrelated situations. There are a couple of other things I'd normally be upset about, but they're so minor in comparison they don't even count.

I think I'm holding myself together with quilting thread. My goal for the new year was at least fifteen minutes a day of mindless piecing. Except for one day, I've managed to carve out the time. And it is WORKING! Fifteen minutes is enough to feel productive and not enough to feel guilty about.

Although I'm really looking forward to the day when I'll have a longer stretch of time to play with. Things will settle down. It would be nice if it was soon.

There's a new doll quilt along at Humble Quilts! It's called Midnight Stars and it's just as adorable as Strawberry Fields. I've got cheddar...I've got red...I've got I have blue for the setting blocks...I can buy blue for the setting blocks....but it turns out it only takes a fat quarter and I've probably got that if I actually make any effort to look.

There is an adorable little snowball quilt over at Inspired by Antique Quilts which I'd love to duplicate. I even asked permission like a good girl.

I could start Cheddar Cheese and Crackers...or something from the Schnibbles patterns I got for Christmas.... when things settle down a bit.


Cheri said...

Hugs and prayers going your way.

Lori said...

I hope thigns brighten up soon. I find if I can do a little stitching it sure is good therapy.


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